Mama’s fabulous knits. #2

Hellooo, fellow bloggers!

I’m back with another knitting-related post and it’s for the series: “Mama’s fabulous knits” because… well, they ARE fabulous and I can’t not share with you (don’t want to brag or anything haha).

So this dress was my Moms first mohair dress ever and, as I’ve mentioned in my last post (Mama’s fabulous knits. #1),  it wasn’t as successful as expected. The sleeves were too loose, the skirt – a bit too fluffy, the waistline turned out too low for my body type so some parts had to be ripped out… Uhh.. Such a hassle. We had some problems with the under-dress too because the sewer didn’t do her job properly and even though she took hundreds of measurements, the under-dress was not flattering at all and I looked like cask.. so I had to look for something in my closet 😦

In the end, the finished product looked great. Especially for people, who don’t have an understanding about knitting hahaha.

Check it out and tell me what you think^^

IMG_1777 (1200x800)IMG_1782 (800x1200)IMG_1767 (1200x800)IMG_1746 (1200x800)IMG_1867 (800x1200)IMG_1733 (1200x800)IMG_1856 (800x1200)IMG_1868 (800x1200) (2)IMG_1853 (1200x800)

This dress is already one year old (as well as the pictures) and I still remember the photoshoot like it was last week. It’s crazy how fast the time flies *wipes the tear off the cheek*

Thanks for reading, guys and ’till the next post!

Be different. Be weird.

Akvilė ^^

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