Helloooo people of the Internet!

Here I am with my third blog (this one is going to be short ^^).

So yeah, as you’ve probably realised, this blog is related with music. Well… yesterday I bought my first ever instrument – ukulele! I think it’s just the perfect time ’cause I’m technically on my summer break so I’ll have plenty of time to practise!

Why ukulele?” you may ask. Well, I thought it would be easier for me to learn the basics because ukuleles only have 4 strings. Besides that, I really like the sound that they make: super “positive”, cheerful, maybe exotic.

I’m far from being a pro, duhh but I’m working on that. I already know some basic chords and I’m practicing to play these songs (not all at the same time thought) : Jason Mraz  – I’m yours (typical beginner song haha); Bruno Mars – It will rain; The Neighbourhood – Let it go; Mike Posner – Cooler than me. I think I can do that (even though I can’t feel my fingers..) !

Btw, I took some picures (duhhh, it’s such an important moment! haha) and here’s my comfy/loose/edgy outfit: striped crop top (New look), black moto jacket, lose trousers (Zara), lizard earing (Ebay), shoes (H&M. DIY’ed), mirrored sunglasses (Seppälä).

Thank you for reading!

Be different. Be weird.

Akvilė ^^

If you have any tips (especially the ones, related with ukuleles haha), questions, comments feel free to tweet me @AkvileeB, kik me @Akvilee359, snapchat me @aakvile.


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