Helloo, people from the Internet!

I’m pretty sure you don’t know who I am and why I am here (sometimes I even ask that myself haha). Don’t worry, I’m writing this first blog (it sounds so weird to say out loud) to introduce myself. Sooo yeah, shall we begin? We shall!

Who am I?

I am a girl named Akvilė from Europe (Lithuania, to be exact). In case you were wondering, I‘m 17 years old.

What do I do?

Actually, I’ve already tried lots of different things: I used to sing in a choir, dance (jazz, street dance, traditional Lithuanian dance). I’ve studied at the Arts school (my subject: art and ceramics) for almost 5 years. Currently, I do aerobics and other stuff, related with being active, still (kinda) dance and I’m a stilt-walker.

Why am I here?

An idea of writing my own blog was sitting in my head for so long (since I’ve started reading magazines and blogs of others). I’ve always procrastinated. Maybe because I was afraid of something and had these excuses in my head: “No one is going to read it”, “I don’t know what to write about”. There were so many “what ifs”. But now I say to myself: “It’s JUST a blog. Who cares. No one’s going to beat you up for trying”.

I’ve noticed that I do soo many DIY (“Do It Yourself”) projects that it would be a shame not to share them. I enjoy looking at stuff that others make so I thought that people should also be intrested in what I come up with or even learn something from me.

Besides that, I love clothes. I just enjoy being creative and putting togeter different outfits. Some days I go for an edgy look, some days – for a girly one. I feel like my style is a bit… hmmm… something more than an average person’s in my area (maybe different?).  I mean… more than just a pair of black leggings and a white top (not saying that it’s bad though haha). I also love doing stuff with my hair. I just keep experimenting: different braids, ponytails, buns, etc.. So I thought I’d maybe blog some of my outfit ideas or cool tutorials to give someone inspiration.

Also I’m kinda in a relationship with food. I fell in love when I was about 11 years old (thanks Mom for letting me do anything and sorry for the mess that I made haha). I’m a dessert junkie but also I (try to) eat  healthy so I experiment a lot (even though sometimes those experiments aren’t as successful as I would like them to be haha). There are high hopes that I’ll post some of my favorite recipes ^^

P.S. Expect some of the most random posts about things related with my life, and stuff that I like. Just saying.

There are some more reasons why I’m here but I think that you’ve already got tired and/or bored from reading all this. I belive it’s enough for this time.

Sooooo… Thanks for reading!

Be different. Be weird.

Akvilė ^^

If you have any tips, questions, comments, feel free to tweet me @AkvileeB, kik me @Akvilee359, or snapchat me @aakvile.


10 thoughts on “HELLO!?

      • Same here. I only started yesterday haha…I mean, what’s there to lose? It’s an experience…putting your thoughts and opinions out there. I wouldn’t worry 🙂

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  1. Hello Akvilė! Great how you are writing – so intelligent and funny. Have a good time while finding out, what the world is holding for you! Lots of greetings, Nessy from the happinessygirls.com

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