Hey, people of the internet!

The 1st of September is the day when the summer break for Lithuanian kids finishes and everyone goes back to school. Sadly, I’m not an exception haha. So this year I’m gonna be a senior or, if it’s clearer to you, a 12th former and that’s a bit scary because huge exams are coming. I feel like this school year is going to be such a stressful mess because I stll have to figure out what I want to be in life, which university to choose, etc. And the driver’s licence, ofc.. So yeah, can’t wait till the summer comes!

So the first day of school in Lithuania is a bit different compared to other countries because we don’t have to bring our backpacks and there are no classes. It’s more like an event. Everyone dresses up nicely, brings some flowers for our teachers, we listen to some speeches of our school’s principal, teachers and other important people. Every school does it a bit differently.

Every year it would be such a hassle to pick an outfit for the event. I’d be like: “isn’t it not too much?”, “isn’t it too simple?”.. But this year I wasn’t stressing. I was confident because I felt like I’ve put together the perfect look: not too basic, not too dressy. So I chose to wear this cool black over-the-knee dress (River Island) which I’ve decorated a bit (sewed on these little balls for some texture). I paired it with my chunky heels (House) and polka-dotted socks with ruffles (Takko) to add something youthful/childish and fun for the outfit.  They mach my uniform – the blue blazer (Reserved). I grabbed a simple black clutch bag (Bags&More), put some cool silver earrings (1.Bought in Greece; 2.H&M; 3.Ebay) and my fave watch (Seksy. A gift). I didn’t want to go too fancy/ dark with my makeup so I kept everything as simple as possible (the same for my hair haha).

So that’s it! thanks for reading. Let me know what you think^^

Be different. Be weird.

Akvilė ^^

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11 thoughts on “TO THE SCHOOL I GO…

  1. You look so pretty! Don’t be too stressed about your sixth form years. It is a difficult time but you will make it harder by being immensely stressed. Work hard and achieve your best 🙂 ♡

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