Hellooooo people of the Internet!

Yesterday we went to the “Mini Zoo” (even though we’ve been there a couple times already) and we didn’t regret it at all! Because… Well we were able to pet baby tigers! How crazy is that?

We expected just to simply look at those cute animals and take some awesome pictures (as every time) but little did we know that we were going to meet adorable tigers.. I get excited even typing about it haha.

I believe that you are wondering right now: “How are they like??” Well they feel like clouds of fluffiness. I’m not kidding. I have never touched anything THAT soft before. Little tigers were very playful: they kept running around, playing with each other and (if you’re lucky) even with you. There was a possibility to hold them but I wasn’t brave enough because they kept biting and scratching (in a playful way, of course). You may think: “It’s not a big deal, they’re like cats” but it was for me thought because I’m super awkward when it comes to animals, especially cats (you’ll notice that  in the pictures) – I have no idea how to hold them, play  with them, etc.

But yeah, It was an amazing experience even if it only lasted for about 10 minutes…

Now, about my outfit. I chose to wear something casual, comfy and kinda boyish. (Grey pants (Vero Moda), grey T-shirt (Sinsay), light denim shirt (New Yorker), cat hat (House), bright sneakers (Atmosphere), studded bracelet (gift from Germany), silver bracelet (H&M), bright nails (Essence in “27 don’t be shy!”)).

By the way, I have so many awesome pictures of other animals so I think I’ll post another post just about that.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed.

Be different. Be weird.

Akvilė ^^

If you have any tips, questions, comments feel free to tweet me @AkvileeB, kik me @Akvilee359, snapchat me @aakvile.


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