Heyy, people of the Internet.

This post is related with my last one where I showed you you my outfit (you can check it out here: “CHECKED GUIPURE“). How? Well, I’ve mentioned the blue shoe bags. So yeah, the were given to us because we went to the palace of Rundale in Latvia – by far, one of the prettiest museums that I’ve seen.

So basically, this amazing palace was built in 18th century and belonged to a rich duke. It was only his summer residence. ONLY. I mean… deamn!

Sadly enough, during World War II it was damaged and so many things, such as paintings, were stolen or destroyed but at the end of 20th century the restoration work was started. It was only finished in 2014. I feel like not everything’s fully renovated because we weren’t able to see ALL of the rooms and halls because some of the doors were closed.

All halls/rooms of the palace are different but similar at the same time. Different because some of them have their own themes. For instance, one room has a wooden theme, another – a dark one, golden, floral, etc. Similar because the wallpapers were the same (only the color was different. It could be blue, red or green). It’s cool because you walk in one room – it’s green, go to another one – it’s almost the same as the last one but it’s red this time.

I feel like what impressed me the most was the halls because of the paintings and artwork on the ceiling and walls. The beauty of some other palaces is concentrated to the floor: fancy paintings, marble… But not there. Almost everywhere the floor was wooden and as simple as it could possibly be.

Besides that gorgeous and huge building there is also a HUGE and even more gorgeous park with an enormous rose garden with aaaaaall types of roses you can imagine.

So yeah, everything left us speechless because we weren’t expecting all that. You wouldn’t too hahah because this palace isn’t located in a well known place – basically, it’s in a middle of nowhere. Sooo if you’re planing to travel to the Baltic region, don’t forget to visit this piece of beauty!!

Enjoy the gallery^^ (P.S. there are some comments under the photos so you gotta press on them to read. Just saying haha)

Thanks for reading!

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