Helloooo people from the Internet!

This is my second blog! Woohoo, let’s celebrate! OK, that’s enough. Now, let’s get on some (not so)serious stuff.

In this blog I wanted to share my thoughts about a professional photoshoot that I had about a month ago and show some pictures. So yeah, let’s begin.

For my 16th birthday I got a personal photoshoot with a professional photograph. At first, I was kinda confused and shy because I’ve never worked with a person like that before (I don’t consider my Mom a professional hahaha) and I didn’t know how things like these go. Because of that, I’ve procrastinated so much that the photoshoot happened only a few days (four, to be exact) before my 17th birthday.

When everything was booked, lots of questions appeared in my head: “How do I dress?”, “How do I pose?”, “Is he gonna tell me what to do?”,”How does it go?” and many more. When the actual day came, I decided that the goal of this whole thing was to have as much fun as possible.

Luckily, the photograph was super friendly and communicative so I didn’t feel awkward at all! He’s super talented too: took so many creative shots using shadows, angles that he chose are amazing and he even climbed a tree to do some shots (insane, I know!!). You can check out his work here.

Now, I’m just waiting for Russian VOGUE to accept me.





Thanks for reading! Be different. Be weird.

Akvilė ^^

If you have any tips, questions, comments, feel free to tweet me @AkvileeB, kik me @Akvilee359, or snapchat me @aakvile.


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