Hellooooo people of the Internet!

I’m here with my 2nd post today because I just felt like writing something (the 5th one in general). WOOHOO! This one’s going to be super short and random which, I believe, is  going to be perfect for those music junkies (especially kpop fans) because I want to list some of my all time favorite kpop songs. I mean.. Why not? I love seeing what others are listening to and also discovering new jams for my playlist. So shall we begin? We shall!

P.S. You can read my last post, called “KPOP? WHUUUT?” and find out why I am listening to kpop ^^

  • I believe this one is one of my favorite songs in general (having in mind and others, non-kpop songs). It has that SOMETHING because I get goosebumps eveytime I listen to it haha. Taeyang – Love you to death
  • Bigbang – Blue 
  • Bigbang – Loser 
  • Beast – Drive (Actually I like almost all of the songs from their “Time” album) 
  • Beast – Shadow 
  • Trouble maker – Now 
  •  Yoseob – Caffeine 
  • Jong Hyun – Hallelujah (I also very like his other songs from “Base”) 
  • Winner – Empty 
  • BTS – War of hormone 
  • BTS – Boy in luv 
  • G-Dragon – Coup d’etat 
  • G-DRagon – Who you? 
  • Exo – Growl 
  • Exo – Miracles in December 
  • Red velvet – Happiness 
  • Taeyang ft Tablo – Eyes, nose, lips 
  • Super Junior – Midnight blues 
  • Akdong Musisian – Melted 

So yeah, I could list some more buuut I think it’s enough for this time (I mean… c’mon, 19 songs are more then enough). I believe that some of you found this post useful (I know that I’ll find it very useful after a couple of years when I’ll want to remember which songs I liked the most). You can go and judge my musical taste now haha.

Thanks for reading!

Be different. Be weird.

Akvilė ^^

Question. What are your favorite songs?

If you have any tips, questions, comments feel free to tweet me @AkvileeB, kik me @Akvilee359, snapchat me @aakvile.


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